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Laser Hair Removal Will Save You Money!

Due to the known fact that laser hair removal works much more efficiently with more predictability over other hair removal methods, most men and women prefer it to other known methods.  However, they continuously shy away due to assuming that laser hair removal is excruciatingly costly...


Laser Hair Removal, Permanent?

Most laser hair removal centers have no problem with providing you with unrealistic standards for what to expect after your series of treatments. They’ll convince you that after you spend tens of thousands of dollars, that’s finally when your hairs will decide to never grow back...


The Cynosure Elite+ The Vision Behind the Science

In the age of technology, we have become increasingly trusting of those claiming to be leading professionals in all things technologically advanced.  At European Aesthetic Laser Center, in New York City, we implore that you do your research on all of the physicians, estheticians and other health care professionals that you choose to provide treatment for you...


Do’s and Don’ts before laser hair removal treatment at European Aesthetic Laser Center

Preparing the skin prior to laser hair removal involves eliminating surface growth.  At European Aesthetic Laser Center we recommend shaving the hair or using clippers the day before, or day of the treatment to eliminate long hairs that will absorb excess heat. Shaving preserves the hair shaft and follicle, and usually improves the result of laser hair removal...



Unlike hirsutism, hypertrichosis is not brought on by hormones but is characterized by an increase of hair growth anywhere on the body; it can develop in small, localized patches or all over. This condition can be present at birth or may arise later in life...


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