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Do’s and Don’ts before laser hair removal treatment at European Aesthetic Laser Center

Preparing the skin prior to laser hair removal involves eliminating surface growth.  At European Aesthetic Laser Center we recommend shaving the hair or using clippers the day before, or day of the treatment to eliminate long hairs that will absorb excess heat. Shaving preserves the hair shaft and follicle, and usually improves the result of laser hair removal.  When the hairs are freshly shaved, it makes treatment nearly painless.  When the hairs are longer, the surface will absorb the laser energy and maintain heat on the surface, increasing the risk of burning. We also suggest that you avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis before laser hair removal treatment, because these methods can disturb the hair follicle and interfere with our treatment.  When doing so, there won’t be a target to absorb the laser’s energy in the hair follicle and the follicle won’t be destroyed. 

It is important to keep your skin protected from the sun for four to six weeks prior (and post) laser hair removal treatment.  Whether planning to spend the day at the beach, or visit your local tanning salon, it shouldn’t be within a certain time of being treated by our high end Cynosure lasers, or any laser for that matter.  Sunburned or tanned skin is not safe to be treated with a laser, and may increase skin damage.  Sunless bronzers, or spray tans are also not recommended a few weeks before and following laser hair removal treatment.  Darkened skin absorbs more of the heat from the laser, not allowing for your hair and the follicles to be the best target for the laser, and be destroyed properly.  Skin should be as light as possible at the time of your treatment.  If you come for your appointment, one of our highly trained, professional estheticians here at European Aesthetic Laser Center will properly examine your skin.  If we find that your skin is tanned, we suggest delaying the treatment until the tan has faded.  

If you are using any photosensitizing medications or supplements, it’s important to delay laser hair removal treatment until the use of these medications has been safely discontinued under the direction of your prescribing physician.

Topical retinoids used in the treatment area should be discontinued one to two days prior to treatment.

Make sure that there is no redness, irritation, or inflammation to the skin of the area being treated prior to your appointment. 

Clean your skin prior to the treatment, leaving it free of cosmetics, lotions, creams, and sunless tanners.  If you apply deodorant, it will be removed prior to treatment by one of our estheticians at European Aesthetic Laser Center.


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