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During the hair growth cycle, when is the optimal time for successful Laser Hair Removal treatment?

We all have hair on our bodies! It’s natural! Hair is meant to protect us from the frigid, harsh elements of nature, providing us with warmth in freezing conditions. But were not living in the Stone Age anymore! We are embracing technology and continuing to educate ourselves to make further advancements.

If you are considering laser hair removal at European Aesthetic Laser Center, we believe in the importance of all of our customers being educated on how hair grows and when the best time to be treated is. It’s important to understand the phases of the hair growth cycle as they apply to the best time to have your laser hair removal treatments completed.

Many don’t realize that hair growth is a complex process. Hair grows by undergoing three separate growth phases. Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Anagen is often considered the active phase of hair, and is the best phase in which to have a laser hair removal treatment performed at European Aesthetic Laser Center. During this phase, the cells at the root of the hair quickly divide, producing a new hair that pushes the old, non-growing hair up the follicle, where it will fall out. Hair grows approximately one centimeter every 28 days that pass. Facial hair, arm hair, eyebrow hair and hair in other areas move to the latter phases rather quickly, contrarily to hair on the scalp which can stay in this phase for up to six years.

Catagen typically lasts around two to three weeks, during which hair growth is halted and the sheath that covers the outer root of a hair shrinks and applies itself to a new hair’s root. The hair that is left over and no longer growing is considered to be called a club hair by laser hair removal professionals.

Telogen phase is where hair is resting. At any one time, 6% to 8% of a person’s hairs are in this phase. The telogen phase lasts for nearly 100 days for hairs on the scalp, and even longer for those on the arms, legs and eyelashes. In this phase, a hair follicle is at complete rest and the club hair is formed. You can know if a hair is in this phase by pulling it out and examining the root. If you see a hard white material at the tip, you know that hair was in the telogen phase.

The best time to visit European Aesthetic Laser Center is during the anagen phase, when the hairs are in the active phase of the hair growth cycle. You can speak to our estheticians at European Aesthetic Laser Center to learn more about which phase your hair is in.


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