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Advanced Laser Hair Removal Equipment in New York at European Aesthetic Laser Center.


By investing in the most technologically advanced lasers available, European Aesthetic Laser Center can offer you individualized treatments and visible results. With each visit, you will see a difference the way your skin feels and looks.

After studying and testing many types of laser technologies, we have chosen to employ the Cynosure Elite+.

Laser Hair Removal - Cynosure Elite+Laser Genesis - laser hair removal for dark skin.

Built on Cynosure's award-winning platform, the new Elite+ combines two proven wavelengths, 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG, in a single system now with HIGHER power and MORE speed.


Many women and men now need a rapid, easy, and noninvasive method for hair removal. With options like laser hair removal, anybody can get that satin-smooth skin in hours. A number of newest machines have now introduced into the cosmetic surgery industry. These FDA-approved machines can do wonders including Laser Genesis, laser hair removal, and laser facials. Such equipment use various light sources to produce the laser so that the appropriate result is achieved. Only a few cosmetic clinics use the latest technology and equipment for cosmetic surgeries, laser hair removal, and laser facials. 

At European Aesthetic Laser Center, you will always find an effective noninvasive way for hair removal. Our FDA approved machine, the Cynosure Elite +, is the industry's best machine on the market today for aesthetic workstations, and leading in the most advanced, efficient and quick treatment available today. Our team of professionals will take care of everything that you need. This experienced group of professionals will discuss with you to find out your needs before proceeding further. Each machine we use is FDA approved. These machines use various light sources and intense pulsed light to create laser for hair removal, melanin reduction, and skin polishing. Our team always ensures to use the best treatment protocols so that each client undergoes a safe and effective treatment quickly. 

European Aesthetic Laser staff truly offers some of the best laser for hair removal services. If you are looking for a NY laser hair removal clinic, then you can always visit us. Our experienced professionals will first schedule an appointment with you for consultation and discussion of the best treatment plan for you. If you have any questions, you can always reach our team and they will be happy to extend themselves to you to ensure that you have been more than adequately informed. We have designed various packages so that each client will find an appropriate custom-tailored package for their aesthetic needs. 

Our professionals will advise you the right package for your laser hair removal needs. Whether you are looking for a treatment for hair removal or skin care treatments, our committed staff will advise you the best laser package that you need. We use only the best and most advanced equipment available in the market. Some of the equipment used by us are designed by a number of major American and European companies. This is to ensure that we offer the best possible service to our clients. That means you will always find the best non-invasive treatment at our NY laser hair removal clinic. European Aesthetic Laser is committed to offer you a variety of best laser for hair removal on skin, face, and body. 

Our clinic has custom-tailored packages even for those looking for laser hair removal for dark skin. At our clinic, we will always ensure to provide the highest standard services for any cosmetic procedure. Our highly professional staff will let you know about various packages available for laser hair removal for dark skin. In such cases, the number of visits may vary depending on the skin type. Each time you visit, you will see the difference. After the required number of treatments, you can get that satin smooth skin free of hair, coming in after that for touch ups there after if you feel necessary. 

Our laser clinic now uses Cynosure Elite+ technology. This technology is the latest invention in the laser hair removal industry. By matching two wavelengths, this technique effectively removes even very small hair from its roots. Elite+ technology gives each beam a deeper penetration for better results. That means even in single visits, you will see effective results. Also, such technology offers a long-term result so that each client stays satisfied for a longer period of time. After a laser hair removal session, you don’t really have to worry for hair removal for a next few years. Also, our professional technicians will always ensure to offer you the best possible service within our state-of-the art facility.

At our clinic, you will always find something suitable and ideal for your skin type. Based on your needs, we will customize packages for you. No matter what type of treatment you choose, our staff will always make sure that you are 100% satisfied. After all, our aim is to provide you the best, safe, and non-invasive laser hair removal services. Those unaware of our packages can always book and appointment with us. We will love to have you with us for a consultation and our facility tour. You can see and learn more about our latest and modern equipment, and our custom-tailored packages during your visit or on our website at myLaserNY.com.

No matter which treatment you choose, our state-of-the-art laser and highly trained practitioners are here to offer you the expert results.

Cynosure Elite+

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