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Laser Hair Removal - FAQ

There are many people that are looking for a permanent solution to hair removal. Many times these people are unsure about the process, their eligibility, or the typical results from having the treatment done. At European Aesthetic Laser, we understand that our clients have a plethora of different questions when it comes to laser hair removal cost and our trained and experienced staff can help a client to understand how the process works.


The laser light passes through the cooled skin. Laser light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. Energy is converted into heat. The blood supply that feeds the hair follicle is destroyed by the heat energy without damaging the surrounding tissue.


First, many of our clients ask us "Is laser hair removal safe?" We can assure you that laser hair removal is non invasive and is a very popular solution for people that are looking to rid themselves of unwanted body and facial hair. These treatments can typically be done on an outpatient basis. We recommend that a patient undergo several treatments for the area of skin that they are looking to have hair free so that they can maximize the success rate of the treatment. Many of our clients report that the only sensation that they feel when having the process done is a warming of the skin in the affected area. Although some people may have minor skin irritation after the treatment, in most cases the irritation is mild and usually clears up within a day or two.


Many of our clients wonder about their eligibility and laser hair removal cost. Laser hair removal cost is becoming more and more affordable as a rising number of clinics are offering their services to a wider range of clients. We have been performing this procedure for many years, and we have a high success rate with our clients that are looking to rid themselves of unwanted body hair permanently. For people that are wondering, "is laser hair removal cost effective?" The answer is that it is definitely cost effective. The amount of money that people spend annually on temporary hair removal products could be better spent on having a permanent hair removal treatment performed on the area of their body that they would like to see hair free. Laser hair removal is permanent when our clients go through the treatment regimen in order to allow us to give them multiple sessions. The more treatments that a person receives to an area the more likely that the hair will not return. If a person only has a single session they may not be completely satisfied with the outcome.


Sometimes, after a single treatment the hair may still come back in certain areas. By allowing us to give the patient multiple treatments we minimize the risk for skin irritation as well as maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Many of out clients have reported being hair free in a matter of a few treatments, and they are elated at the fact that they no longer have to worry about the frequent ritual of waxing or shaving. Many people simply have busy schedules and can not make the time to adequately remove unwanted hair and stubble daily. Instead, some of these people have learned to live with the inconvenience of having stubble until they shave or wax. Laser hair removal is permanent, and our clients do not have to worry about the irritation of having stubble or painful, unsightly ingrown hairs, or the frequent trips to the drug store in order to procure more waxing agents and razors.


Treatments are typically performed at 4-12 week intervals for optimal results. The treatment intervals will vary depending on age, gender, and the area of the body being treated. This allows us to maximize your results by strictly following a customized protocol.


Not only do women receive laser hair removal treatments from us, but there are a surprising number of men who are looking to us for their hair removal needsMany men detest chest hair, back hair, uni-brows, or excessive hair in other spots, and they choose us based not only on our reputation, but also because of our high success rate. These men grow tired of having to shave daily. They are also self conscious about razor burn, or nicks on their face. They're tired from trying to get rid of their uni-brows with tweezers. We make sure that all of our clients can feel very confident coming into our clinic by understanding that they will not have to worry about the embarrassing marks and rashes that are typically associated with hair removal. Many men have been reluctant to have this procedure done because they have not been properly educated on the matter.


Immediately following a laser treatment, client should experience reddened and puffy skin. This is termed follicular edema, and resembles goose bumps. It feels somewhat like a mild sunburn. Many clients schedule treatments during their lunch break and return to their offices with no visible indications. Hair will begin to fall out 10-14 days after the treatment (it may appear that the hair is growing more rapidly, but it is actually falling out) Avoid direct sun exposure for 7 days after your last treatment. Avoid the sun and tanning beds during the entirety of your laser sessions. If you must be in the sun, wear a full spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Our staff is available to answer any, and all, questions a client may have prior to setting up an appointment with us. We believe that this helps when out clients are educated on the process before coming into our clinic to have the procedure done because it allows the client to be more comfortable since they already know what to expect. There are some people that think that laser hair removal is a farce, and that couldn't be further from the truth. It is a scientifically backed procedure that shows real results. These results can give people back the self esteem that they deserve. There are many self conscious people that are out there today that don't realize that they can rid themselves of the unwanted hair that causes their esteem to drop by coming into our clinic and having a session with our highly skilled staff. Our staff is specifically trained to use the latest in laser removal technology on our clients safely and efficiently.

This translates to our clients having a positive experience when they are in our care. We make sure to not only answer all of their questions, and to put aside any of their concerns, but we also do our best to make sure that our clients understand the techniques that we use, along with the technology, so that they can rest assured that they are in competent hands. For our clients, this means that you'll be receiving the very highest in quality from us at a price that can fit in virtually anyone's budget. Anyone that is looking for a permanent solution with laser hair removal, come see us at European Aesthetic Laser today!

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