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IPL vs. Laser

Lasers, consigned to the domain of science fiction, are now rejuvenating skin and transforming our lives both aesthetically and cosmetically. Lasers must be used properly, in order to receive optimal results. It is therefore important to be sure that you’re going to professionals using only the highest-grade lasers. Research has recently uncovered the dangers of IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal procedures, a cheaper equipment alternative to lasers. It is a potentially dangerous technology that is inferior to the high-performance safe lasers manufactured and distributed by Cynosure, the laser hair removal system we are proud to offer you at European Aesthetic Laser Center.

Last month, according to a recent article in the Australian newspaper The Telegraph, six people were horrifically disfigured by low-grade IPL equipment. With difficulty in controlling the intensity of the laser beam and the poor quality of the laser itself, IPL procedures prove to be more foe than friend to our skin. These several unfortunate patients were left with third-degree burns, scarring and peeling skin. Many people intermingle the terms “IPL lasers” and “high-performance lasers”, unaware of the harmful effects more often than not occur with IPL equipment, whose companies often misrepresent them as “lasers”.

The unpredictability of IPL equipment is due to the massive burst of energy and hundreds of wavelengths with each which make them difficult to control. Photos depicting the damage caused by IPL’s are difficult to look at, so why would someone ever want to take that risk just at the cost of beauty? One can’t help but wonder how these victims’ circumstances might have turned out if their estheticians or doctors properly researched the systems used beforehand.

Cynosure lasers target only the intended goal (hair follicle, melanin, pigment, water, veins, etc.) while leaving delicate layers of the epidermis safe and sound. Cynosure scientists, engineers and Physicists have been perfecting their designs for years to ensure that traumatic incidents associated with unpredictable and hard-to-control IPL equipment, never happen to our patients at European Aesthetic Laser Center. Estheticians and doctors choose Cynosure lasers for safe and highly-effective procedures like hair removal are purchasing the best medical grade lasers on the market and ensuring peace of mind for their patients. Using IPL’s and other low-grade lasers poses a very real consequence not worth suffering through. Make the right choice, and be sure to select Cynosure lasers when considering laser hair removal or any other laser aesthetic procedures at European Aesthetic Laser Center.


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