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Laser Facial - Sun and Age Spots Removal

With European Aesthetic Laser, our clients are sure to receive real results thanks to individualized treatments with the most technologically advanced laser currently available. With the conclusion of each treatment, you'll notice a real difference in how your skin both looks and feels. Our professionals have decades of combined experience when it comes to the latest methods and technologies with laser facials. We offer procedures approved by the FDA for men and women for all kinds of skin types. 

We require consultations in order to help our clients become well informed to assist with their decision as well as to provide an accurate estimate on the cost. Though we encourage you to do so, spending your time reading through various texts to learn information at home on your own may be confusing. You can feel free to ask us any kinds of questions during the free consultation without obligation. Our services seek to focus on providing the best laser facials for improving your skin. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation so our staff can discuss with you the procedure in detail and thoroughly answer your questions, and custom tailor an appropriate treatment plan to provide the best results. 

Why Consider a Laser Facial?

Just about everybody enjoys the sun, but there are few things that are harsh for your skin like frequent exposure to the sun. Eventually, you will show sun spots and other kinds of signs of damage, regardless of whether you really worship the sun or simply enjoy being outdoors often. If you are unhappy with the appearance of sun spots you have developed over time, at European Aesthetic Laser, we can help put your worries to rest using a course of skin care and laser treatments. 

As suggested earlier, sun damage comes from frequent exposure to its damaging ultraviolet rays. This is a type of radiation that cannot be detected. UVA rays penetrate the skin and cause skin cancer as well as signs of early progressed aging, while UVB rays are the culprits of surface damage via sunburns. Age spots are another symptom of damage; these are flat spots that appear brown or black and typically occur on parts of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun. Sometimes, these are referred to as liver spots, despite having no relation to the liver or its function. The real cause is added pigmentation from aging and exposure to the sun.

Other reasons for our best laser facial procedure can include age. As we age, our skin loses collagen and causes elasticity to drop, causing visible pores and wrinkles. It is also a viable option to remove hair that is ingrown, to prevent ingrown hairs, and well as undergoing laser hair removal treatment as a better alternative to constantly shaving and waxing.

About Laser Facial Procedure

Also known as facial resurfacing, laser facial procedure is a procedure we at European Aesthetic Laser have perfected to improve skin appearance without the need for expensive, invasive cosmetic surgery. This is also effective for reducing wrinkles, sun damage and scarring on the skin. We can tighten skin, improve acne-ridden skin and even out pigmentation as well.


age spots before and after sun spots before and after


During our consultation, our professionals will discuss what steps need to be taken following the laser facial session. Typically, you will feel a warming sensation on the treated area for 30 minutes to an hour following your procedure.  After around a week the treated areas with brown pigmentation marks, similar to which you would notice with a scab, yet not as severe or tough.  Eventually these marks will be exfoliated and quickly disappear on their own.  We stress the importance of not scratching, picking, or roughly touching these treated areas.  We will recommend an intensive day and night moisturizer, as well as a sunscreen, which are necessary in promoting proper healing, and optimal results.Our procedure involves a beam of light to focus intense energy to one part of the skin, removing the first few surface layers of the epidermis (the top most layer of our skin). We then use a lower power laser to heat up the epidermis, encouraging new collagen growth. As the skin heals, new skin is formed with less scarring than the previous layer. During the procedure you might experience a little to any discomfort at worst a mild tingling sensation. With our easy in office procedure, there is no downtime.  Right after your appointment you are free to return home or to work, and continue normally with the rest of your day. Depending on the size of the area, the procedure could last as long as 20 minutes or as little as two minutes.

In around two weeks from the day of treatment, with continued use of intensive moisturizers, your skin will appear exfoliated, and begin to glow as the new cells regenerate.  The newer, younger looking you is just that easy!

Typically, the skin will heal completely after a week, and the redness of the skin will dissipate over the next few weeks.  One thing to consider with this treatment is that only some wrinkles and scars might subside with a single session, which means additional sessions may be required to fully eliminate the problem as desired. You may also wish to have additional sessions as aging progresses, but this is your own personal choice, and at European Aesthetic Laser we will help advise you on a treatment plan that would be most successful for the results you desire.



At European Aesthetic Laser, we offer a number of laser facial procedures to fix various blemishes on the face, among which include sun damage spots, age spots, wrinkles and various scars. Like any noninvasive medical procedure, there are some mild side effects as described above. However, the procedures are very effective, do not require a lengthy recovery time and are relatively painless.


Best Laser Facial before and after sun spots 2 before and after


Laser facial treatment is effective. For instance, pigmentation irregularities and wrinkles are very responsive to this kind of treatment. In most cases, patients only experience a small amount of discomfort following a procedure with the facial laser. There are a couple of patients who have also experienced some slight feelings of burning or stinging, but these are few in number. 

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