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Laser Hair Removal

Waxing is not your only option; there is a better solution for getting rid of unwanted body hairs. We are not talking about razors or tweezers either. We are talking about laser hair removal treatments and it is a great option for getting rid of those stragglers. This is a simple treatment that uses a laser light to remove hair by passing through cooled skin. Luckily, there are plenty of options for laser hair removal New York and the surrounding boroughs and cities. However, European Aesthetic Laser is the best and one of the most affordable choices for laser hair removal in NYC. We know you won't be disappointed with the results you get from treatments with us.

Many people wonder about the safety our equipment but, fear not our machines are completely safe. We explain exactly what to do after each treatment, safety is important to us. People ask us if they can still wear makeup or if clothes will irritate the treatment site. It is completely fine to wear make up the day after your procedure and clothes will not irritate the treatment site. There usually is a slightly inflamed red area where the treatment was performed that can last for a few hours, usually it is painless, and just has a little tingling and warm sensation.

You could go look for other places offering laser hair removal, however none can compare to our prices, experience and service. Getting to our European Aesthetic Laser office is so easy. We are located on the Upper East Side near Central Park and are easily accessible by various modes of transportation. European Aesthetic Laser offers a comfortable, modern and professional looking environment. We also carry the top of the line aesthetic laser workstation for laser hair removal in NYC.

There are many benefits that laser hair removal can offer you. The process is done quickly, taking 6-8 times before the optimal desired results appear. However, that can amount to thousands of dollars worth of savings when added up over a lifetime of waxing and shaving, as well as less time grooming before going out every day. Winter time is a great time for men and women to start a hair removal treatment with European Aesthetic Laser. By the time summer comes along, anybody hairs that you just can't stand will be completely gone. This is perfect if you are someone who enjoys going to the beach but hates having to deal with the pain of waxing and the annoyance of shaving during the summer.

Laser hair removal was once a treatment used by only women. Not anymore! Men can also benefit by being able to remove unsightly nose, ear hairs and more, never having to worry about using tweezers again. Many men hate dealing with this so much that they rather just ignore it! Using our process of laser hair removal, you won't have to be embarrassed over your back-hair at the pool or worry if a nose hair is poking out during an important business meeting.

If you are interested, feel free to set up an appointment with any one of our specialists and we'll set up a time that is convenient for you. At European Aesthetic Laser, after the right amount of treatments, you will reduce the growth of body hair by over 80%. When you come in, our professionals will great you and ease you through the quicks me efficient process. Our aesthetic professionals are some of the best in NYC at laser hair removal, and are some of the most experienced in the industry, frequently participating in educational seminars to further their knowledge on the newest techniques and methods for optimal results. Our experts will explain every part of the process for you and make you as comfortable as possible before they start a custom tailored treatment plan just for you!

Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Before and After

Does laser hair removal work (before and after) Does laser hair removal work 2 (before and after)
Safe laser hair removal dark skin (before and after) Safe laser hair removal light skin (before and after)
Does laser hair removal work 3 (before and after) Safe laser hair removal dark skin 2 (before and after)


Just any laser hair removal center in NYC simply will not do. Go for the best!

At European Aesthetic Laser you will get the results you have always longed for. Feel free to call us for an appointment or to ask us any other questions you may have.

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