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Laser Hair Removal for Man

Laser hair removal for men is just as important to male health as it is to women's health. However, many gentlemen are embarrassed to have laser hair removal done, and there are many men who fear that the treatments may be too painful. Also, these are conditions that men deal with that they have not had a common treatment for. Now, with our advanced technology and friendly staff, we can offer gentlemen the best treatments available in the industry for laser hair removal men, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. With each of these services, men can look their best while also having a weight lifted off their shoulders. 


Laser Hair removal men hair removal for men
how to treat razor bumps on face hair removal for men neck


Laser Hair Removal 

Gentlemen who are opting for hair removal are taking the same tact that women have been taking for centuries. Men are choosing to have smooth skin all over their body. However, the gentleman may not have a found suitable way to remove their body hair without fearing that it will be painful or take too long. Often, the only places that do hair removal are catered towards women, and this can be very embarrassing for gentlemen who need hair removal services. 

Hair removal for men at our clinic starts with laser light technology that helps to remove the hair from the root. Because of this, the hair removal lasts quite a long time between treatments. We know that men are often hesitant to have a hair removal treatment, and we help to mitigate that concern by allowing for as much time between treatments as possible. 

Our laser hair removal appointments last for about 30 minutes. These appointments may range from six to eight depending on how many treatments are needed to remove all of the gentleman's body hair. After that, the gentleman can come in for follow-up treatments as needed to maintain their new, smooth look. 

These treatments work all over the body. Whether the gentleman has back hair, a great deal of leg hair or chest and arm hair, it can all be removed with our relatively comfortable and quick hair removal treatments. 


Areas for treatment:

  • Back Shoulders

  • Chest

  • Neck

  • Underarms

  • Razor Bumps

  • Beard

  • Buttocks

  • Genital area

  • Uni-brow

  • Ears

Ingrown Hairs 

Ingrown hairs on gentlemen are hard to deal with because gentlemen tend to shave so frequently, or grow a beard, that a little bit of itchiness and pain may just be a sign of having a bad day. However, gentlemen need to avail themselves of the opportunity to have their ingrown hair removed as painlessly as possible. 

With our Cynosure Elite+, ingrown hairs can be removed very quickly so that the client can get back to shaving normally without any extra pain or discomfort. This is also a wonderful way to prevent ingrown hairs in the future. With a complete hair removal treatment, gentlemen are able to avoid ingrown hairs on their face which can be bothersome. 

Razor Bumps 

Razor Bumps are the more inflamed versions of ingrown hairs that can become especially painful for men. While most men do not have beard or razor bumps that grow in size, there are gentlemen who have razor bumps and must shave over them because their job or career depends on them being clean shaven. When the problem becomes this bad, gentlemen should immediately come into our clinic for a consultation and treatment. Again, this is an excellent form or prevention for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 

Knowing how to treat razor bumps on face areas or in other spots on the body is important for gentlemen who need to make sure that they are smooth and shaving comfortably. 

A Nice Place To Visit 

When visiting our clinic, gentlemen are not greeted with a hostile environment that feels feminine and uninviting. In fact, services for our men are not different than services for our women. Men who need to have a private and comfortable setting for their sessions can find just that with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

Our goal to ensure that every client who come through the door has a nice experience with us. When laser hair removal for men is being done, the gentlemen are offered as much downtime as they need after a session. Because we work in an understanding environment, we know that some gentlemen may have a hard time dealing with some of the discomfort of these procedures, but we want gentlemen who come in for services that we work very gently and very quickly to make the entire experience pleasant for every customer. 

Hair removal for men is not a new service, but we have new technologies that make these services much better for men who are choosing to have a smooth body at all times. While we prescribe the number of sessions that are needed for gentlemen to have a smooth body, we also understand when gentlemen must space out their sessions. We work with every customer to try to meet their scheduling needs. We also want to make sure that technicians the client is comfortable with are present when the client comes in for their session. We never want to create any tension or make our clients feel uncomfortable. 

We know how to treat razor bumps on face areas, can remove hair from any part of the body and we have qualified and  friendly staff who are here to help all of our customers. When gentlemen are ready for a hair removal session, all they need to do is contact us to schedule an appointment. Our customers can set up appointments at their leisure, ask questions about the services we offer and inquire about specials that we have going on. 

Our goal is to offer every client a pleasant experience when he enters our clinic. We work very hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and pleased with the service they received. Gentlemen can now have the smooth body they have always wanted with our advanced hair removal technology.

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