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Laser Hair Removal, Permanent?

Most laser hair removal centers have no problem with providing you with unrealistic standards for what to expect after your series of treatments. They’ll convince you that after you spend tens of thousands of dollars, that’s finally when your hairs will decide to never grow back.  

Here at European Aesthetic Laser Center, we are happy to provide the truth in a successful relationship with all of our clients.  According to the FDA, there currently is no laser equipment that has been approved for permanent hair removal.  The FDA has only approved laser hair removal machines for providing amazing results for permanent hair reduction, due to the fact that these advanced technologies can rid hair on the right candidates for long periods of time, after multiple treatments when put under the supervision of esthetic professionals.

Even with the use of the most advanced esthetic laser workstations, hair growing back at some point is still possible, even at the reduced amount, finer appearance, or both.  We find that lasers can reduce hair counts from 40% to 90% dependent on the specific candidate.

Other hair removal methods may also reduce the amount of hair over time.  Constant tweezing, waxing, sugaring, and electrolysis may damage the follicle to the point where the hair no longer grows, but results like this are made only possible after decades of treatment.  These treatment methods also cause side effects that aren't worth a minute of your time.  These methods often come along with severe pain, redness, inflammation, bleeding, breakouts, infection, ingrown hairs, bumps, scarring and damage to your skin.

With laser hair removal, there’s nothing to fear.  After your treatment your treating esthetician will provide you with a moisturizer if necessary, that will protect your skin from any abrasions from your clothing.  If you undergo treatment on your face, it is safe to wear a makeup the following day, and apply daily sunscreen moisturizer as the usual part of your skin care routine.  At worst, for a few hours after your treatment, the area treated will look a little red and feel as if it was slightly sunburned.  Over the next month, your treated hair will fall out.  The hair that falls out is permanently gone, but you have remaining follicles that can be activated throughout your lifetime, so you can expect permanent hair reduction, but not permanent hair removal at any laser hair removal center.

At European Aesthetic Laser Center, we seek to provide all of our clients with a custom tailored series of treatments that provide you with the best results.  Just remember that optimal long term benefits depend on the area you wish to have treated, the hair density, and your hair’s growth cycle. Know that darker, denser hair responds best to the laser, while lighter hair is less responsive. Age, ethnicity, medication, diet, hormones, and metabolism also play a part in your hair’s location, thickness and resilience.


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