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Laser Skin Tightening (Genesis)

Laser skin tightening is a process that has been perfected over the last few decades to produce a strong laser that is capable of offering our clients an opportunity to have their deepest wrinkles vaporized. However, this skin tightening process is one with multiple components that must be considered and understood by our clients before undergoing this wrinkle reduction process. 

What Laser Genesis does?

•    Reduces the size of pores

•    Smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles

•    Tones by stimulating collagen re-growth

•    Reduces redness


The Laser Genesis

The lasers used for removing wrinkles have developed a great deal over the past twenty to thirty years. Each of the lasers available have grown to the point that the industry is at n proud to use the Laser Genesis processThe Ablative Fractionated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser was developed in the 90's to allow for eyelifts and other corrective procedures. The Monopolar Radiofrequency (Thermage) laser has been on the market for about ten years. This laser differs from its predecessors, it was still painful and offered results that could not be predicted in its early stages. Through further development, this technique causes relatively little pain and often consistent results. Laser Genesis is the backbone of all professional esthetic offices in today's market. With Laser Genesis technology, doctors and technicians are able to target on the microvasculature and make sure that collagen is being produced in areas where wrinkles appear. This technology stimulates the body to get rid of wrinkles without truly forcing the skin to do anything. There is hardly any pain or discomfort with this technology, leading to short and simple sessions for our clients. 

Coming In For a Session 

When our clients schedule a skin tightening treatment, they can come in for a session that does not take very long at all. Because this Genesis technology is relatively comfortable, so patients need little to no downtime after the procedure. While men and women may be used to waiting a few hours to recover from a tightening, this technology allows our clients to quite easily continue to go lady to go about to rest of their day.  Because the technology is safe for all types of skin and wrinkles, it can be done quickly and simply for our clients whenever you may schedule an appointment. At European Aesthetic Laser, you may schedule an appointment and be done with that treatment very quickly.  We understand that many of our clients are working through the day and may be more interested in undergoing a quick and efficient treatment, that could be done during a lunch break or whenever is best for you. We ensure that our sessions are quick and efficient while providing the best services to get rid of wrinkles.



Skin Tightening Laser Skin Tightening
Laser Genesis Laser Genesis removed wrinkles


The Benefit of Laser Skin Tightening

The benefit of this service comes to the patient in the form of comfort. While women have been suffering discomfort and pain for decades trying to get rid of wrinkles and get the their skin tightened, the Genesis technology has so little discomfort that ladies will not be afraid to return to the clinic for further treatments. We do not want to scare ladies away, and we want to make sure that this Genesis technology provides a good experience for every lady that schedules an appointment with us. 

Our Staff 

Our courteous and professional staff is highly trained in using laser skin tightening procedures to help all of our customers look and feel their best. While we have a lovely staff that is here to cater to the needs of every client, we also aim to make sure that every visit is tailored into a personal experience for the client. We want you to feel like you are entering a spa, a place where it's all about you! Our staff seeks to make you to feel comfortable, offer you all the explanation of the Genesis skin tightening process that you need and are professionally-trained in using all of the technologies in our office. With the assistance of our staff, men and women can come to European Aesthetic Laser alone or visit us with a group of friends who can all have a treatment done. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable in our space, and we encourage our current customers to share their great experience at our office with their friends and family. Our clean, modern and comfortable office allows for a relaxing experience, with large screen televisions at your disposal, elegant accommodations, shelves of skin care products available for purchase and reading material on all the available treatments at our location. We simply want your experience at European Aesthetic Laser to be the best available to you today.

At European Aesthetic Laser, we work very hard to give our clients the most up-to-date and advanced treatments possible for all of their skin care needs. We understand that many may have had bad experiences in the past, and we want to assure you that we work to have the one of the most comfortable and friendly laser treatment centers in the city. Even if you are new to these services, you can come to us to try the best in laser tightening with the Laser Genesis that keeps every client perfectly comfortable, while providing astonishingly successful results. 

To schedule an appointment, clients can call or visit us and ask for the new Laser Genesis technology that will help them to grow collagen under the skin and begin to get rid of those unsightly wrinkles that have been such a struggle. We want our clients to leave our office feeling more radiant and more comfortable than they ever have after a treatment. Our office will help you through the process of aging gracefully.

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