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Excess hair presents an embarrassing problem as many women around the world participate in some form of hair removal. While cosmetic concerns are a determining factor in hair removal, some clients may be dealing with a more serious issue. Unwanted hair may not just be cosmetic when presented with a client suffering from excessive hair growth but it can also be a sign of a medical condition. Having unwanted hair is an issue that attributes to an emotional burden, such as low self-esteem and depression, in the individual.

Normal hair growth patterns vary due to age, sex and race but the pilosebaceous follicle is ultimately controlled by hormones. More specifically, the rate of hair growth is androgen dependent. When the body reaches sexual maturity, sex hormones, including androgen, cause the vellus hair on specific parts of the body to become terminal hairs. These hairs are dark, coarser and sometimes curlier. When unwanted terminal hair grows on the body, it can be caused by multiple conditions that every aesthetician should be aware of in order to effectively treat their clients.


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